Frequently asked questions about the Dell Trade-In & Recycling Program..

What is the Reuse and Recycling Program?
The Dell Trade-In & Recycling Program is part of our commitment to minimizing the impact our products have on the environment. It offers you a way to dispose of your electronic equipment responsibly.

What if I can't find my product?
If your device does not appear or is not listed, it does not qualify for a gift card. If you would like us to recycle it for free, please follow the steps below.

How do I recycle my Dell product for free?
If all you want is to dispose of your unwanted Dell equipment we can help you do that. Generate a prepaid shipping label by going to Recycling your Dell. Then pack up your equipment using your own box and send it off. Email Dell for more information about recycling your Dell or questions about this program.

How do I ship my product?
There are two options available for shipping the product(s) to Reuse after receiving your quote.

For equipment with a quoted value:

Option #1 (Most common method used and saves 5 to 6 business days)

Simply print the PDF attachment included in your "Step 2 - Ship Your Device(s) For Free" email. Take your device(s), along with the printed PDF displaying your barcode, to the nearest FedEx Office Print & Ship Center location. A FedEx representative will provide the appropriate box, securely package, and ship your device(s) for you for FREE!

Option #2 (Least common method and will delay the payment of your product)

Use the account link at the bottom of the "Step 1" or "Step 2" email to access the status page for your trade-in. Click the "Request Packaging Materials" button to have Reuse send packaging materials to your home with a return label. Next, return the packaged product with label affixed to the nearest FedEx location.

Dell and Reuse are not responsible for damage to your equipment during shipping.

For equipment with no monetary value, you may generate a free prepaid label by going to the Dell Recycling website

Is there a weight limit on shipments to Reuse?
Yes. There is a maximum per-box weight limit of 70 pounds.

What if I can't print my shipping label or placard?
Contact Reuse. 1-866-635-5780 (M-F, 8:00am-4:00pm PT)

What if I lose the email with my shipping instructions?
Contact Reuse, 1-866-635-5780 (M-F, 8:00am-4:00pm PT)

How does the Search work?
To quickly identify your PC/Windows device, simply type the device's processor speed into the power search field.

What's the difference between "reuse" and "recycling"?
Equipment may qualify for reuse if it has monetary value and can be resold in the secondary electronics market. Equipment qualifies for recycling if it does not have monetary value; it will be dismantled so that materials such as metals, plastics, and glass can be collected for use in the manufacturing of new products, reducing the need to mine raw materials.

Why should I use the Dell Trade-In & Recycling Program?
By participating in the Dell Trade-In & Recycling Program you are helping the environment by extending the useful life of products that have value in the secondary electronics market. You are also ensuring that products that have reached the end of their useful life are recycled in an environmentally responsible manner in North America.

As an added benefit, if your product qualifies for reuse - meaning it has monetary value - you'll receive a Dell Gift Card equivalent to its fair market value as determined by Reuse. You can use the gift card for eligible purchases on Dell.com. If your product does not have monetary value, we'll recycle it at no cost to you.

For more information and FAQs about using a Dell Gift Card, please click here

Which products qualify for the Dell Trade-In & Recycling Program?
Any Dell, Alienware, PC, or Apple - laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone, or display - may qualify for reuse or free recycling.

Is a purchase necessary to participate in the program?

Does Dell administer the program?
No. Dell contracts with Reuse, Inc. to administer and manage the Dell Trade-In & Recycling Program.

How is the value of my equipment determined?
The value depends on a variety of factors, including the demand for your specific item in the secondary electronics market and its condition. When you visit the Reuse Trade in tool on the Dell website, you'll answer a few simple questions about your device and describe its condition. Based on the information you provide, Reuse determines the estimated fair market value of your device and a quote is displayed instantly.

Can my quoted value change?
Yes. If one of the following is true:

Can my equipment be returned after payment has been generated?
No. Once payment is fulfilled, the item can not be returned.

How will I be paid for my equipment?
You will receive a Dell Gift Card via email equal to the final value within two weeks after Reuse receives the equipment.

Dell Gift Card FAQs:

How do I redeem my Dell Gift Card?
Please review the redemption details.
You may use up to three unique payment types on a particular order (ex: promotional gift card in the 1st payment slot, prepaid gift card in the 2nd payment slot and credit card in the 3rd payment slot). A coupon code is a separate field that discounts your cart prior to entering the three payment types.
You can use a promo gift card and a prepaid gift card independently on one order by utilizing two payment slots and entering two unique gift card numbers, but you are not able to consolidate the balances of those two cards onto one host card.

Please review the gift card consolidation guidelines for more details.
Contact Dell Gift Card Customer Service, 1-800-624-9897 (M-F, 9am-6pm CT)

Services include, but are not limited to:

Does the quoted value ever expire?
Yes. Quotes are valid for 30 days. After a quote expires, you may request another quote.

What if I receive a zero-value quote?
If you want to dispose of your zero-value Dell equipment we can help you do that. Generate a prepaid shipping label by going to Recycling your Dell. Then pack up your equipment using your own box and send it off. Email Dell for more information about recycling your Dell or questions about this program.

If you purchase a new Dell product, we'll recycle your zero-value computer even if it isn't a Dell-branded product. Just select "free recycling" when you are customizing your new system and we'll recycle your old electronic equipment at no cost to you, anywhere in the US.

What should I do with my old equipment before I send it in?
Reuse recommends that you perform a complete backup and data wipe (erasure) of all the information on your old device. Dell and Reuse assume no responsibility for loss or confidentiality of personal data on equipment. While in transit to Reuse, any files or data left on your system may be accessible to others if data is not erased.

What happens to my equipment after I send it in?
Reuse will test and assess the equipment to determine if it qualifies for reuse. Qualifying equipment, tested in working condition, will be sold in the secondary electronics market as "used." Equipment that does not qualify for reuse will be recycled by a Dell-contracted recycling supplier in an environmentally responsible manner.

What happens to my personal data?
Reuse's data erasure process includes complete data removal. Reuse recommends that you perform a complete backup and data wipe (erasure) of all the information on your old computer. Dell and Reuse have no responsibility for loss or confidentiality of customer data on reused or recycled equipment.